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                                                           Fish Hoek Valley”

                                                 Do you?

We are your local Association, here to serve your interests!


Included in our activities are…


  • Representing our Ratepayers and Residents on issues of concern


  • Contributing to the preservation and improvement of our infrastructure


  • Developing and safeguarding preservation of our environment


  • Protecting the constitutional rights of property owners


  • Lobbying for improved Security, Law Enforcement & Police presence


  • Pursuing action on important public issues, e.g. road network, etc.


  • Monitoring Service Delivery by the Municipality


  • Promoting the improvement/maintenance of the Beach Area


  • Maintaining communication with and supporting our Ward Councillors


  • Opposing developments in environmentally sensitive areas


  • Informing on news of value to Ratepayers and Residents


YOUR issues are OUR issues…..


Our members are our strength and we invite your support.

All are welcome! 

Fish Hoek Valley Ratepayers and Residents Association

Your local Association serving your interests.

Our  issues are your  issues!


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